VC Gift Card to Launch Soon!

VC Gift Card to Launch Soon!

The mall boasts to introduce the VC Gift Card, one perfect gift for all occasions! You can buy this as a gift for your loved ones or even buy this for yourself too. It’s one of a kind to keep in your wallet because it’s handy, easy to use and can be purchased in more than 50 shops in Vision City Mega Mall.  Makes life easy for you because you don’t need to think hard what to buy for a gift, you can just give this card instead and let them buy whatever they want!

The VC Gift Card is significantly designed to show the unique culture of the country, capturing the heart of every one living in Papua New Guinea.  If you are a foreigner visiting or living for work in the country, you can keep this as one of your memorabilia too. It comes in four different designs and colours such as gold, red, blue and green. Each of the design has an initial value such as; K50 if you want the gold colour design or you could have the K100 if you like the red colour design.  But if you want to pamper your loved ones even more, get them the K250 designed in blue colour or you may splurge spending with the green colour design, valued at K350. One more good thing about this card, it’s reloadable!  You can keep and use this card so long as you want it.

As soon as you hit the floor of Vision City Mega Mall, look for the VC Gift Card logo in the shop’s counter or entrance, then you’re sure to go ahead and use this gift card in the shop.  Definitely worth keeping because a lot of the shops will be accepting this card as your payment such as RH Hypermart, RH Pharmacy, Star Office Works, Food Junction, Paradise Cinema, Cherish Boutique, Mark’s, Fone Haus, The Stadium, Kids World, Toys Kingdom, Size Small, Balenciaga, Neoglory Jewellery, Samsung Kiosk and the list goes on.  You can also dine-in using this card in Hogs Breath, Big Rooster, King Hot Pot, Korean Garden, Happy Dumplings, Yellow Captain and Cuppa.  More shops are on the list when you log into VC website, and click on the VC Gift Card for more updates and information.

Our major sponsor for this card is Star Office Works, that will give you a first-hand notification of their promotion whenever you check your balance using the VC Gift Card apps.  Remember guys to spend this card only in Vision City Mega Mall.

You can buy this gift card soon in VC Information Counter, Main Entrance.   Call Marketing at 302-8555 for your bulk and pre-orders!