One Tribe, One Nation, One Unified Team to Celebrate the 45th PNG Independence Day!

Let’s salute all the patriotic staff and tenants who showcased their culture with pride and flamboyant decorations in their individual shop.  We couldn’t do much to celebrate the 45th Independence Day without the help of the tenants and their staff to put up the celebrated ambiance that had gathered materials straight from their village.

The 5 Judges voted the BEST 3 shops based on the criteria of Creativity, with Theme of 5th Independence, Originality, Cohesiveness & Spirit and with an Overall Look of appealing display.

The BEST shops are:

1st Place – The Stadium, Level 1 and their team

Nathaniel Baluyot, Roselon Caguitla, Christopher, Martin Bai, Willie Lai, Precilla Joe, Rova Bali, Vavine Gairo and Charlie Fetuna

2nd Place – City Pharmacy, Ground Floor and their team

Mariefer Ebuengan, Sheila Abrogar, Judith Degay, Nareko Lawrence,   Davina Mandom,  Heather Jack,  Rehab Pindo,  Jameie Ginbo, Genolyn Unobo,  Enlee Kassam,  Paha Nahu,  Silas Ure, Selina Sam

3rd Place – Patini, Level 1 and their team

Jimmy Tuam Ndauleii and Ryeon Delos Trinos

4 shops included in the TOP LIST received a consolation prize, sponsored by Jack’s of PNG

👉 Burger House Burger House (Ground Floor)

👉 Brian Bell (New Wing)

👉 Prouds PNG (Level 1)

👉 Karridale (Level 1)

Hooray to our Judges and Sponsors who pioneers to appreciate the effort of each participants!

Ms. Kathleen Mathias – Goodman Fielder, Mr. Vikesh Kumar – Jack’s of PNG, Mr. Jonathan Pizon – RD Tuna, Mr. Loiha Boe Samuel, Mr. Robert Lamond – Pacific Uniforms, and Ms. Camille Velasco.

Congratulations to all and Have a peaceful day ahead!