Congratulations to all the winners!

As our way of commemorating the 45th Independence Day, we have shown the best of the best to wear their traditional wear last 16th September 2020.
With the highest vote from the 5 invited guests, based on the registered list from each tenant with the individual’s punctuality and professionalism to show up with their best dress.  Out of best 50 participants that had selected, the judges voted these persons to win with glory and pride of their culture!
We would like to congratulate the following winners!

BEST 5 Traditional Wear

Ellice Raula, Helen Per Pori, Manuela Naime, Regina Avel, and 1x Customer selected from the crowd.

BEST 3 Face/Body Painting

Carl Ipoete, Kedea Dickson and Karen Tumba

God Bless to All, Happy 45th Independence Day!